We Ensure You Get Your Money Back

Helping Clients Settle Disputes and Get Compensation in Return


What We Do At Dentist Mediations

We act as a bridge between you and the service provider to find the most amicable way to address the issue. Our dispute resolution process uses mediation and/or reconciliation to work with all parties and achieve financial compensation.


Dentist Mediations organisation is a ten year award-winning mediations professional. We have a  background in consulting and mediation with expertise in dental implants, root canals and cosmetic dentistry. As a qualified mediator specializing in Dentist Mediations… we fully understand back of house operations and ongoing dental challenges.

What Is Ahpra?

Their main role is to protect the public by ensuring that only health practitioners who are suitably trained and qualified and who practice in a competent and ethical manner are registered.

This means that, when managing a notification, we can only investigate the concern if there may be a risk to the public.

The National Law requires Ahpra to tell a health complaints organization about any concern about a health practitioner that could also have been made to them.

Once a complaint is lodged, Ahpra will investigate, and it is not their role to enter into financial compensation and so forth.

Matters That We Mediate

Dental Implants

Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental X-Rays

Root Canals


Thank you Dentistmediations sorting out the outstanding Denture issues so promptly. I really feel good. Highly recommend
John Doe
Your prompt response made us financially possible to find another dentist. Thank you from bottom of our heart.
Thank you sir! Very professional team I got the result I was looking for. My 95 old Grandma now have a very well fitted denture she can use to chew her food which matters to help her gut.